Friday, 16 April 2010

Highway Hawk 2010 New Releases

Highway Hawk have released a range of stunning new products for 2010. Here are the best of the new additions:

Flame rubber grips - Part Number 45-0135.

32mm Fat Z-Bar - Part Number 55-508.

Raging Bull handlebar - Part Number 55-509.

Gothic handlebar - Part Number 55-535.

Banana handlebar - Part Number 55-535.

Torpedo risers - Part Number 56-0681.

Metagon Muffler - Part Number 65-949.

Quick-release saddlebag holder - Part Number 66-020.

Universal saddlebag supports - Part Number 66-030.

Skull headlight mascot (small and large) - Part Number 66-070/1.

New chrome headlight (E-marked) - Part Number 68-119.

New fender tail light (E-marked) - Part Number 68-0150.

New brake pedal cover - Part Number 73-007.

Stealth Mirrors - Part Number 91-863L/R.

Space Mirrors - Part Number 91-880.

Bar-end Mirrors - Part Number 91-894.

New axle covers - Part Number 473-0018.

New fender tip - Part Number 601-203.

New Shortcut pipers (various models) - Part Number 654-500.

Tail light cover - Part Number 661-118.

New spotlight bracket - Part Number 683-121.

New radiator cover - Part Number 713-740.

Passenger footpeg extenders - Part Number 734-0900.

Flame rear floorboards - Part Number 734-1083.

Arch sissy bar - Various models.

Extreme sissy bar - Various models.

Check out the Highway Hawk website for more info on their new products:
Click here

We also have many of the new items in stock in our showroom:
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  1. I like the shortcut pipes they look pretty nice and would look lovely on my intruder. Do you have them in stock?


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